What you Need to Know About UK Short Term Insurance

Temporary car insurance from websites such as www.carinsurancefor1day.co.uk, confused.com or moneysupermarket.com comes in handy when planning to hire a car, or when the need to add someone to your insurance policy for a short term arises. insuring for a few days can as well be handy when borrowing a friend’s car. In these two cases, taking out temporary cover suffices. When planning on travel for a few days with a friend, you might need to take out a policy for that friend. day/week cover does not in any way affect the no-claims bonus in your main policy.

In a way, this minimizes the risks. Insuring for a brief period is beneficial when you need quick coverage at a discounted price. You get insurance when you need it and for a certain stipulated period of time, without affecting your main Car policy. Temporary insurance is effective when planning to have more than one driver when travelling. Because the additional drivers or individuals will be temporary, the insurance covers their safety on the road for the time they will be with you.

It helps you add more drivers to your main Car Insurance policy. short-lived cover is handy when you have visitors from other countries who wish to drive around. In the UK, rather than drive them around yourself, you can take short term car insurance as an addition to your main policy to cover your overseas visitors on British roads. But other than this, you can as well use the short term insurance to insure additional cars for your visitors’ transportation needs. It allows you to add more cars to your main policy and is crucial when thinking of unaccompanied vehicle demonstrations or when using courtesy Cars.

For instance, when a relative or friend asks to use your car, filing for short term insurance becomes necessary. In some cases, your own kid will often ask you for permission to drive your car around when on vacation. To keep them safe on the road, arrangements can be made with insurers to provide such teenagers with insurance coverage when on the roads. Not only does it allay the fears of parents, but offers coverage in case of an eventuality. For the UK, even one day cover can be easily obtained if you already have the standard UK licence.

When applying for cover in the UK, most insurers will give a period of about 1 to 28 days. But for other additional drivers you might have when travelling, most insurers insist that such secondary drivers be aged 19 years and above to qualify for short term insurance. The advantage of this type of insurance is the fact that it provides fast and easy schemes of remittent. Because it is an immediate need, the schemes can be paid for online and most insurers have 24/7 hotline services.