Site Review:

Considering that the car insurance market is highly competitive within the United Kingdom, any portals related to this product will need to appeal to the general public. Let us break down the site and examine the positive and the negative aspects.

The Good

Upon first glance, the site is neat in its presentation. There are no banner advertisements that will detract from the overall theme. The flash graphics on the top of the homepage will grab the attention of the viewer. This clean layout will enable the website to load quick even with a slower browser connection.

The Bad

Unfortunately, there are more negative aspects surrounding this site than positive attributes. One of the concerns is the sheer volume of text on the main page. This is entirely too much for a first-time visitor. Instead, only the primary points should be presented. The reader then needs to be encouraged to peruse the remainder of the site.

The contact details are another point of contention. There is only a static email address and nothing more. More reputable sites will offer additional avenues such as live chat and a phone number. This will add to the perceived transparency of the service that is being offered.

Finally, another issue arises with the disclaimer page. It appears that is only an intermediary site and nothing more. While this is fine in and of itself, this needs to be made clear on the homepage. Another concern is that the connection with their hyperlink is tenuous at best. In other words, are they truly affiliated with one another?


Of course, some basic modifications need to take place regarding the aforementioned text and display. The site contains a large gap at the bottom of the page. Once again, this affects the overall visual presentation. While these can all be quickly accommodated, the main task will be to establish the exact connection between providing car insurance quotes and the main site. Why is this so important?

Transparency appears to be the main issue here and should this be rectified, a higher number of inbound hits are likely to be the result.